Welcome to DusteD.dk

nothing interesting

This is not a portfolio.

This is a website! An ugly website! My ugly website! Interesting things may be found here!


Here's some stuff.

About -A slight bit about what this place is, who made it, and why.

Simplevaders - My first C program on PC, also my first experiment with SDL and with OpenGL, barely a game, a bit of a space-invaders clone, thanks to http://mirror.amdmi3.ru/distfiles/ for keeping this long enough for me to want to download it!

Play Soldier of Fortune at any display Resolution - Custom resolution, fixes for audio, crashe and installation

Gaming on Linux - The games I play, and how.

Racing GPS Tracker - For generating video overlay for Action-Cam video.

MiniQuadcopter - Modding/Reparing/FPV cheap microquads.

Ultimate 64 - FPGA based C64 implementation, my current system.

Commodore 64 - My C64 has a 10 GiB harddisk, a CD-ROM drive and a 10 Mbit Ethernet.

Reaction Timer - Building and driving custom 7 segment LED display integrated in 3D printed case.

My Computers - I like computers.

Olivetti M6 460 suprema - A retro/learning experience.

Easy Music Player - An RFID card controlled easy-to-use music-player for the elderly.

killCity - A short "game", not-very-serious entry into the LudumDare (LD25) competition.

maximumCuriosity - Another short "game" entry into the LudumDare (LD26) competition.

GoatLove - Yet another short "game", not-very-serious entry into the LudumDare (LD28) competition.

bounceball - Yet yet another game thingy for LudumDare (LD38) competition, this one is actually fun.

Excessive Overkill - The lackluster "game engine" I made.

MIDI on Windows - How to listen to MIDI music on a new computer.

BigBox scans - Scans of PC games from back when they came in glorious big cardboard boxes.

Music - Something about music and what I like.

Thoughts - Random rants and pocket philosophy, I'm an opinionated bastard.

ToDO - Games and media I am currently wanting to consume.

Other stuff I made

Things I felt needed their own website.

git.dusted.dk - Some of the code I've written, you can browse and clone the projects.

The FinalKey - I made this open-source, encrypted hardware password manager, it's pretty neat. Have a look if you care the least about security and convenience.

Wizznic - Pretty difficult puzzle game inspired by the classic Puzznic, with in-game level editor, available for many platforms.

SDL-Ball - Likely still one of the best breakout games for Linux, also the first real game I made.

Old Skool Gravity Game (OSGG) - A difficult lander-like game with many levels and in-game level editor.

Phlog - my blog, actually updated often!

Texts - A collection of writings, some sci-fi short stories and some crap I've written as well.

Random weird pictures from the Internet - I collect pictures, I'm one of those people who will save the images they find fun or interesting when browsing the Internet.

My profiles

I participate in Internet communities just like everyone else, here are my profile pages on some of the other sites I frequent.

DeviantArt profile - Pictures and things I've made.

chromophiliat.dk - Acrylics I've painted.

GitHub profile - Git is really cool, but MS is not, so I'm going to host my project myself in the future.

Twitch.tv channel - Me streaming DOS games and making a fool of myself. Streams are removed after they're done.

Youtube channel - Back in the day, people had to download MPGs and play them in a separate application, it worked just fine, but I think youtube is easier for everyone.

Twitter profile (@DusteDdk) - Mostly for airport philosophy sessions.

Itch.io - Because that's a thing.


Kind of stuff that I didn't make, but am collecting here, things that need some place to live.

Old Software - I like old computers and running software on them.

Links - My collection of interesting places on the World Wide Web.

TempleOS - My mirror of TempleOS.org